“”You’ll have to go in.” Jenny frowned. “I don’t want to go in there.” Turning to his sister, Jayden pleaded with her. “Please Jenny, what if the poor thing is stuck in there? You’re smaller than me, you need to go in and check.” Jenny sighed as she pulled off her backpack and set it on the ground. She took the flashlight she was still holding and placed it on the top of the pack. “I’ll go in, but if I get bit by a spider or something else, I’m going to kill you.” Jayden laughed. You’ll be fine Jen. I’ve never even seen bugs down here, the other times I’ve been in the caves.” Jenny grunted. “That doesn’t mean they aren’t in here. I don’t think we’ve ever come in this far before either.” Dropping to her knees, Jenny then crawled through the small opening. She yelled back at her brother. “Hey, shine your light in here, it’s really dark.” Jayden bent down and focused his flashlight in the hole. With the added light, Jenny could see the area she was in wasn’t very large and she could see the dog looking at her with sad brown eyes. The animal was sitting just in front of her. “It’s okay puppy. We won’t hurt you. I just need to get you out of this place.” Jenny reached forward and began petting the dog, who stepped close to her and started licking her face. Jenny giggled. “Hey, that tickles.” She put an arm around the puppy and bringing the dog with her, started backing out of the hole. Standing outside, Jayden saw his sister slowly coming out. As she backed all the way out of the hole, Jayden reached down and took the puppy so she could stand up. Once she got up, Jenny brushed the dirt off herself, and then she smiled. “Isn’t he cute?” Jayden frowned and then saw why Jenny was calling the dog he. Laughing, Jayden nodded. “He sure is, I hope we can keep him.” Jenny pointed at the dog. “He’s got a collar on Jayden. He must belong to somebody.””

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