Danny LaPonte proves himself to the club

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Book two of the MC series continues with Knights brother-in-law Danny.
Danny is a gifted architect, a hidden dyslexic, and a player. His son leaving for the military draws him back to the Club where he loses himself in MC chicks and whores. Holding Kate at arm’s length while claiming rights to her loses him respect. Doubt about his worth and position behind a gun for his Club opens his eyes and has him scrambling to prove himself to his Brothers and Kate. Life changes after surviving a gunshot wound to the face. Giving Kate everything she wants is his new outlook if she’ll still have him.
Kate spent years judging every relationship against Danny’s with his ex. She finally gets her shot only to realize he’s not all in. She decides to find out if it’s Danny or the idea of ‘all in’ by dating anyone but him. Her biological clock is ticking loud and clear. A chance at a new life thrills her. Is there such a thing as too many kids?

As domestic violence takes center stage, Kate is seen in a new light and shows the MC that Badass is not gender specific. Pres decides the Club can help with shelter security and Danny just may be the man for the job. But is he the man for Kate?


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“MC: LaPonte”
(MC Series Book 2)
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