Brotherhood Fortress Floor Plan/Sub-Levels

Kirsten bllod master review

1st Fl – Waiting Area with Lavatory/Medical Unit with Lab
(Long Hall/ Elevators/ Storage/ Closets.)

2nd Fl – Cafeteria/Auditorium & Library with Acoustics Room/ Small Waiting Area
(Storage for books, food/ Elevators/ Guardian Uniforms & Shoes)

3rd Fl – Guardian Qtrs. with Bathrooms/ Extra Living Quarters/ Laundry Room
(Guardian Qtrs. on each side of the floor, separated by Elevators and Storage Closets.)

4th Fl – Waiting Area with Bath Area/Gymnasium/ Weight Room/ Storage
(Large Waiting Area, turned into an Orphanage/ Elevators)

5th Fl – Laundry Room/ Storage/Waiting Area/ Rest Area & Small Lounge
(Storage for furniture from raids/ Elevators/ Lounge Area with sofas, chairs, and mirrors.)

6th Fl – Brig/ Waiting Area with Showers & Bathrooms/ Chasm Pool Area
(Storage closets for towels and soap/ Elevators/ Bathrooms for Females and Males.)

These are the schematics of the underground fortress known as
The Brotherhood


PictureThis is a schematic of a single Guardian/Resident Living Quarters. The rooms are given to Residents and Guardians when they agree to become a part of the Brotherhood Fortress. They work every day to become better people and to help educate the youth in the fortress. Every Living Quarter is the same. The only difference is, the Guardian’s dress their homes different because they get first choice of anything brought back from raids.

2D Renderings/Schematics were created by Kirsten Campbell
for the G.O.D.s Series and drawn to perfection
by Marc A.J. Hazur & Andrea N. Sajewski

Kirsten Blood Master





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