51W+KBkdAyL._UY250_ Ready for more of the story? The “Why behind the Why?”

In Volume IV, Paige and Griffin learn about the Repercussions for their actions – from the past, in the present and into the future.

“So what are our questions and answers that keep appearing again?” Paige asks Griffin. It’s obvious, of course. Marriage, children, choices, freedom vs. unity, closeness vs. individuality, business challenges, the importance of communication, so many things. The reasons they were “born again to be together.”

This is the book that brings it all together – and beyond! Paige and Griffin’s journey – and Penny and Gabe’s as well takes on even more poignant meaning in this fourth book in the series.

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What are DUET stories?

A DUET is defined as a “contribution for two voices.” It involves harmony and melody, progression and passion, give and take, growth and development and, most importantly, love.

In a similar manner, DUET stories are a series of novels that entertain, inform and enlighten. They delve into the dynamics of attraction, love, spiritual connection, purpose and promise through the lens of music, humor and intimacy.

DUET stories are fiction, yet they are also “truth.”

The forces that draw people together. And sometimes keep them apart.

DUET stories:
Lose yourself in the fiction…
…Find yourself in the truth.

DUET stories are available in both Adults-only and PG-rated versions of the novels. (This is the spicier Adults-only version of DUET stories Volume IV: Repercussions).

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