A little about Author Ryanne Anthony

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Don’t let my Goodreads page fool you; I’ve read so much and I’ve been addicted since my daddy placed Tristan and Isolde in my hands when I was eleven. An incessant talker, Daddy only did it to shut me up. It worked, for a time. My daughter is a talker and I’m going to try the same thing on her, soon!




I’ve been to a few states, but I’ve lived in the Midwest since I escaped the womb.  I’m a wife, mother of two humans and one canine, Deucey.

I’m completely in love with Bobby E. The man makes me grrrrrr… I’d love to snuggle on a couch with him while sipping Arizona Sweet Tea and munching on Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn as foreplay. *giggle*

Ooh, I think that might be another short! Squeeeeeeee!

Life is unpredictable and loves to throw you curves, big or small. Despite that knowledge, I totally believe in happily ever after with the one you love… whether your soul-mate is named Tom, Dick, Harriet… Jack Daniels or Margarita.

Whatever it is, whatever you are, be the best you and never consider changing to please anyone.

Do what you love and always at your very best.

hearts in sand

You can find Ryanne Anthony’s
books at the following distributors:


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