AN EXCERPT FROM Keeping the Upper Paw: The Cat’s Guide to Training Your Human by Marta Moran Bishop

One night we were all discussing how much we had learned about the care and training of humans. Most of us have lived our lives in a multi-cat household, learning each other’s trade secrets and developing our own. Sometimes, there were more of us and sometimes less—depending on which human lived where and with whom at the time. So being exceptionally skilled at keeping the upper paw, we decided to write this book.
Since we began this work, some of us have passed on. We miss them all, some more and some less depending upon who was your special friend, but no matter. This is the way of things. We don’t forget them, and their wisdom is included with our own for the good of all cats everywhere. We hope this book helps you successfully train your own human, for only then can you look forward to the life of ease and comfort all cats deserve.



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