An excerpt from “January Black Ice” (A Cat Collier Mystery) by Carol Ann Kauffman



I have a… matter I wish to discuss with you, something I feel you are uniquely qualified to handle. It’s a very personal matter to me, and I ask your utmost discretion. And I pay very well.”

“I don’t do anything illegal.”

“I know that. What I’m asking you to do is not outside the legal parameters of the law.”

“Your outside and my outside are two different playgrounds.”

“There is a new resident in Heaton Valley, a young man about your age. I need some information on him.”

“That’s it? Sure, I can do that. All I need is his full name and date of birth, and I can pull him up on the computer.”

“I do not have that information.”

“You don’t have his birthdate?”


“That’s okay, most online databases will work with an estimate. You say he’s about my age? So we’ll go with between twenty-two and twenty-eight, does that sound about right?”

“He’s twenty-four.”

“Okay, twenty-four-year-old male,” I jotted notes in my notebook. “Name?”

“I believe he is using the alias, Carter Brooks.”

“An alias is a dead-end, Detrick.” I closed my notebook.

He ignored my remark. “He’s been here about a month. He’s working at the drugstore on the corner. He spent Christmas Day on a park bench, looking up at my windows.

“Maybe he’s homeless. Did you send Rodney out to invite him in for Christmas?”


“Did you at least send him food? It was Christmas, Detrick! You don’t let a guy sit alone and hungry on a park bench in the cold on Christmas Day!”



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(A Cat Collier Mystery)
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