A 5-Star Review for”McGregor Sins” (The McGregor Legacy Book 1) by Alisha Guenzel

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“Beautifully written soft western romance”, By Jessica Ozment

This review is from “McGregor Sins” (The McGregor Legacy Book 1)

McGregor Sins follows a strong-willed ranch hand, and horse whisperer, Jason McGregor. Jason stays busy taking care of his families ranch and assuming the job his father, who in old age could no longer help as much as he used too. All the while it seemed, not one of his other siblings shared the massive amount of responsibilities with him. Jason had more responsibilities than most, he felt. His easy going personality makes his character the most relate-able in the novel.

The two, destined to meet, are brought together by the death of Haley’s father. Jason’s mother is the friend of Haley’s mom, and visit to offer condolences. As we meet Haley Sheridan, we she that she lives the city life in L.A. A much different life than the simplicity of Jason’s. Her family, who had the backing of money, pushed her to aspire for better goals for her to have a successful future. Her father who suffered an untimely death, left Haley to deal with the angst, and anxiety of facing the world alone. Haley’s life seemed to be broken, as even her supposed boyfriend couldn’t make the time to be there for her when she needed him most. Haley is left with a reserved attitude and decides to push everyone away; including Jason.

Jason, our charismatic hero, is finally able to swoop in to take care of Haley in her darkest hour, and thus a beautiful bond is created. Even as he departs L.A. after the funeral, he is left in awe over his feelings for Haley.

When things get suspicious between the family, and their true relationship with Haley’s father, tensions rise. The McGregor family begins to fall apart from the inside out, and lies are confronted. Decisions are forced, and happiness and love are at stake.

I absolutely loved this novel. I found it an easy, interesting read, and couldn’t put it down! I read it in about 24 hours. I can’t wait to read the next installment and urge you to check the first out in the series. The most perfect soft romance/western story.



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(The McGregor Legacy Book 1)
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